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Maurita Murphy

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I am very grateful to have been working or training in the field of mental health since 1994, experiencing a diverse range of rewarding roles in the NHS such as a Counsellor/Psychological Therapist and Mental Health Nurse and now as a ‘High Intensity’ Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, accredited by the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies. I’m also qualified and accredited to supervise other therapists and enjoyed being part of the teaching and supervision team on the Post Graduate Diploma in CBT at the University of Exeter. Having a keen interest in research, I am also currently a Doctoral student in Clinical Research. Although drawing on theory to inform my practice is extremely valuable, it is of greatest importance to me to be person-centred in my approach and offer a supportive space that is compassionate, non-judgemental and respectful. I am consistently humbled by individuals who share their lives and difficulties with me, honoured to be able to be a part of their healing journey. I am keen to help people help themselves and continue beyond therapy with relapse prevention work that often leaves clients with a sense of empowerment.


My approach

I draw on theory and practices from Cognitive Behavioural PsychotherapyAcceptance and Commitment Therapy, compassion-focused approaches and neuroscience. My approach is to facilitate us working together to initially make sense of your difficulties, discovering links, patterns and vicious cycles that you might be experiencing, whether stemming from past events or present circumstances. Building this individualised understanding helps to point us to possible root causes and driving influences which we can focus on in therapy to help make lasting changes and help you work towards your goals and create the life you want to lead. I am trained in numerous specific evidence-based models for treating psychological difficulties, however, my work is essentially focused on people as individuals with many facets, which necessitates being flexible and creative in our work together. With my own personal experience of neurodiversity, I also welcome clients who are autistic or ADHD, valuing promoting a strengths-based positive identity. I am the ‘Neurodiversity Champion’ as part of my NHS role, helping therapists to better support and work more idiosyncratically with autistic clients. I am passionate about creating post-diagnosis support for autistic adults, of which there is very little in Cornwall at the moment, and this is an important part of my developing NHS work and research.


Additional Information


If you’d like to know more, then click here where you can contact me. I am always happy to chat and answer any questions to see how we could work together.

Standard rates are as follows:

Face-to-face £70 per session.

Online £60 per session.

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