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Hannah Green


Hi, I am so glad you are here. My name is Hannah Green and I am a depth psychotherapist.

Please visit my website to learn more about my training and offerings, to book directly online or to get in touch.

I help my clients deal with life creatively and with heart. Working with individuals and couples for ongoing psychotherapy is where the majority of my work takes place. I also facilitate groups and teach workshops and classes on a variety of topics related to depth psychology. In addition to psychotherapy, I work creatively with clients in collaborative Tarot sessions and coaching sessions for other therapists and healing professionals.

Anam Cara is the Celtic concept of a “soul friend.” A soul friend shows up with compassion and curiosity and can sometimes offer vital support and guidance on our journey. I want to be this for my clients because I know from personal experience how transformative a soul friendship can be.

I want therapy to catalyze and nurture lasting change. During a psychotherapy or coaching session, in addition to talking, we may work experientially, look at art or imagery, go on a guided imagination journey, or build your own inner world in the sand tray.

Every method I employ is to support my clients to connect with their own depths and nurture trust in themselves. I believe it is this connection with their own depths that has helped my psychotherapy clients to recover from past trauma, face and deal with addictions, reduce stress, develop intuition and open to the Mystery. I am a compassionate advocate that will support you on your journey and help you find the gift in the challenge.

I think you will most value my:

  • Ability to help you connect with your own intuition, creativity and depths.

  • Ability to help you identify and dissolve blockages and obstacles to what you want.

  • Intuitive connection with the inner world.

  • Knowledge of relationships and attachment.

  • Skill in facilitating a dialogue between your conscious and unconscious mind.

  • Compassionate stance and ability to hold a safe container.

  • Way of weaving psychology and western mysticism together.

  • Years of experience holding space for others.

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