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Charlotte Parkinson


Through a therapeutic relationship, we have space to safely explore our own nature, how we interact with others and how we inhabit and experience our lives.

Having someone witness our process who can sensitively reflect unconscious behaviour, may show struggle in a different light. This can create a valuable shift in perspective and allow opportunity for growth.

During times of challenge and change our pre-existing beliefs and feelings may come into question. This can show up through bodily experiences, emotions, thoughts, intuition and so on.

As a counsellor with 12 years of experience, I work within the person-centred framework and, where appropriate, draw on the creativity of Gestalt-based interventions which ask us to look behind the conscious and less-conscious choices we make each day.

Each client has specific needs and requirements from counselling which I strive to meet.

I also offer therapy outdoors, where we encounter the natural world with ourselves as elements of the whole.

I attend regular supervision and update my practice often by attending training, workshops and an ongoing therapy group.


Additional Information

Please feel free to call or email me for a chat if you would like further information or to get a feel for the way we could work together.


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