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David Matthews

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I would describe my approach to counselling as soul-based: I believe that counselling can help us begin to see that what may appear to be a hopeless problem can also be a message from a deeper part of ourselves, and with acceptance and understanding we can move beyond the patterns of the past, and towards a greater sense of self, which has more vitality and more joy within it.

I also believe that this deeper part of ourselves lives in the body, and by paying attention to our feelings and sensations, we can begin to listen for, and respond to, what our soul is calling for.

Often our problems and difficulties are connected to painful relationships, whether they be in the past, or the present. For me then, it's important that I'm trustworthy, genuine and caring, so that you can talk openly about what you need to, and I can respond sensitively and creatively to what I hear.

Finally, my approach to counselling draws on a range of trainings and disciplines, and I sometimes use meditation, creativity, dreamwork, imagery, poetry, and story to care for the soul. Short-term counselling (6 weeks) can be of use if you have something particular that needs attention. Long-term counselling is more open-ended, and can be helpful when you are experiencing significant life changes.

Additional Information

My prices are £50 per session with reduced rates available. Initial consultation is £20.


"My period of counselling with David is recalled as hugely beneficial at a crisis point in my life. It has helped me to have confidence to gradually engage more with, and increase my enjoyment of life." (Previous Client)


In order to contact me please email me at

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