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Karen Piper

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I am a Chartered Counselling Psychologist with The British Psychological Society and a registered practitioner with the Health and Care Professions Council.


I offer a therapeutic space that aims to provide you with the opportunity to safely voice concerns and share your life experiences at a comfortable pace. Drawing on different psychological therapy models including Cognitive-Behavioural, Compassion-Focused, Existential-Phenomenological, and Humanistic, I will be led by your priorities for therapy, and work collaboratively with you to identify and move towards any desired change.


I have worked in a variety of NHS, third sector, community, and private settings since qualifying at Doctorate level in 2006, supporting many adults and young people to find a way forward when faced by the variety of challenges that life can bring, including those that may lead to trauma. I have also been involved in nature-orientated therapies as well as those based solely on dialogue indoors.


I work with anxieties, low mood, relationship difficulties and stress, as well as the many other unique ways in which events or conditions can impact living. I have significant experience in the complex interplay of physical and psychological experiences, particularly in supporting the impact of physical health challenges on the individual and their wider family, social, and care systems. This includes life-limiting illness, end of life, long-term conditions, and persistent pain - all change in life can present experiences of loss, grief, or adjustment, and these can be supported too.

Additional Information

I believe that our experiences, and our capacity to cope in meeting them, can depend on many factors and will fluctuate over time and circumstance. Sometimes we know exactly what we are anxious or fearful about, at other times a persistent low mood can be really hard to understand, especially when we feel that we should be happy with how our life is going.


Psychological therapy can build on your existing resources for known challenges as well as shine a light on less apparent stressors and identify how you may be able to respond. It is a space to consider anxieties, wellbeing, depressions, relationships, change, loss, uncertainty, and all the other things that can occur as part of our being in the world.


I am currently providing assessment and therapy for adults and young people in Falmouth and Hayle, both in person and online. I am also able to accept private medical insurances including BUPA and AXA Health.


Please get in touch via email in the first instance and I am more than happy to arrange an introductory phone call.


BSc (Hons)

MA Counselling Psychology

Post MA Diploma Existential Counselling Psychology

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